Cathy J. Fitzpatrick

Civil rights activist, litigator, scholar, and security and privacy sceptic.


Twitter disclaimers for @cathyjf1

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The following disclaimers apply to my use of Twitter:

If I retweet, link to, like, or otherwise engage with any content on Twitter, it simply means that I found the content interesting, thought-provoking, worth the time to read, or otherwise worthy of exposure. It does not imply that I endorse or agree with the content in question.

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If I follow a person on Twitter, it does not imply that I endorse or agree with anything that the person has said or may say in the future. I may follow people with whom I have significant ideological divergences. No inference can be drawn from the fact that I have followed someone.

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My tweets and other interactions on Twitter reflect strictly my personal views and not the views of my employer or of another person or organisation.

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